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The Wilson Method is a revolutionary teaching and therapeutic technique that assists a variety of vocations and ailments, including all types of vocal (speaking and singing) problems, anxiety and panic attacks, asthma, and pain.


The Wilson Method utilizes breath therapy, movement re-education, meditation, restorative yoga, awareness augmentation and vocal entrainment to access the underlying physiological tensions, respiratory issues and belief systems that hold us back from realizing our full creative potential.


Physical release work, mindfulness, core strengthening exercises, vocalizing, breathing training, energy development and personal empowerment are all practiced together at the same time, making it one of the most fun, healthy, and instantly effective therapeutic personal-growth systems in existence today.


This multifaceted method is based on fourteen distinct and related ground-breaking discoveries David Wilson (Founder & Principal of The Wilson Method) has made during his life-long journey to better understand the hidden connections of the human body, breath, voice and mind.


And, everyone is a performing artist. We are ALL on life's stage, attempting to be the best we can be for ourselves and those around us. So if you are moving, breathing or using your voice, The Wilson Method can help.




The Wilson Method:

  • Awaken your imagination
  • Reach your full vocal potential
  • Reach your full acting potential
  • Reach your full creative potential
  • Improve emotional connection to text
  • Public speaking skills
  • Breathe better
  • Improve core strength
  • Move more fluidly
  • Increase energy
  • Improve confidence
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce panic attacks
  • Reduce asthma
  • Reduce COPD
  • Reduce acid reflux
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve listening skills
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Heighten awareness
  • Improve flow
  • Feel better









The Wilson Method helps people help themselves. Similar to meditation, yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, The Wilson Method (TWM) assists our inherent healing properties to work more effectively. This solution differs from the many therapies that need to be done to you or for you by the therapist. These can be very helpful... and, they often offer shorter-term solutions and reliance on the therapist. TWM, while being highly specific in it's process, also employs a later-stage creative and intuitive component that is all yours - self motivated, intuitively designed and open-ended: The only limitation of TWM is your own imagination. As you enhance your awareness, power, energy, trust and creativity, you begin to discover your own personal version of TWM that evolves from day to day, month to month, year to year. Once trained in the TWM you can practice it for yourself. finding new creative solutions to help you in your daily life. Not only are you training your body/mind connection to help itself, creating longer lasting, deeper healing, but you also develop a sense of empowerment and increased confidence as you recognize that you did this for yourself.







“David Wilson's work is unlike anything I have yet encountered. As singers, we spend so much time working on the vocal mechanism, that we often forget the integral role the body plays in healthy vocal production. David's approach is a full-body approach. This angle, especially when applied to the breath, completely changes the world in which you create your sound. Suddenly you are no longer attempting to put your voice in a box, so you are able to finally produce the sounds that you aspire to. The yoga is fantastic, the breath work is freeing, the voice is powerful, and the result wonderful. His work is helpful for singers at every level, regardless of age or experience. David's method for teaching voice allows you to free the artist within, releasing your true voice and your true expression.”

Chris Enns
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


“I believe David Wilson to be one of the most influential breath, body and voice pedagogues in our country. Having studied throughout North America and Europe, I have never come across anyone as dynamic in both wisdom and skill. His approachable and warm personality paired with his extensive knowledge lends itself to every singer from beginner to professional. He has a contagious passion for unlocking your greatest potential and does so with vibrant enthusiasm. If you are able to have a session with this man I guarantee it will change you from the inside out no matter what your goals may be.”                                                               Michelle Minke
Cowtown Opera: Artistic Director. Opera Singer, Voice Teacher Dip. Mus., B.Mus, PG Dip.Opera, M.Mus.Vocal Ped.                                                                                    Calgary, AB Canada



Since I began teaching in a high school choral program ten years ago, I have had David workshop my choirs at the beginning of each school year.  Nothing else gains us as much confidence and musical ground in as short a time.  With his instant rapport and easy manner, in a mere few hours he builds trust and relationship with public school teens.  Though excellent singing is the goal (and result), his work is about so much more. He breaks through long-held negative breathing patterns, difficult emotional layers, self-consciousness and fear - and therefore helps inexperienced singers sing with full-voiced power and joy. His technical methods are proven upon doing, and easily reapplied once experienced.  My choristers are changed after their time with David, and continue to apply his wisdom throughout their journey in choir…and in life.                                                                                       Mona Holton                                                                                                               Choral Director, Memorial Composite High School, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Vocal Collective, Stony Plain, AB Canada



“When I came to David for help for my anxiety I was having two to three panic attacks a day. After one month of sessions with David I was down to one panic attack every two or three days. After three months of sessions I was experiencing one panic attack a week. And after six months of David’s sessions, my attacks would happen once a month at most. Since then my episodes have been, for the most part, a thing of the past. I have continued to use David’s ingenious and creative methods for controlling my anxiety since then. Thank you so much David, for giving me back control of my life.”                                                                             Charlotte                                                                                                      Edmonton AB Canada


“Dear David. I really wish to share just how profoundly affected I am from working with you during the 3-Day Nuova Intensive 2008. It has only been a few days since leaving Edmonton but I have been working on the techniques you gave me and I really do feel a difference, and my teacher has noticed a shift in me. I am amazed at how the breath can touch on one’s emotional state; I have now found that a way to release these emotions is through breathing techniques. I have also noticed where I hold and most importantly I have discovered why, in both singing and everyday life—thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have imparted just a tiny sampling of your wisdom and it has empowered me to continue on the journey.”

Elisa Righele
Vancouver, BC, Canada



“Before I saw David my doctor thought I may need to try an inhaler for what he called “exercise induced asthma” on my long runs. It always hit me within the first 5 or 6 km that I would feel really tight through the chest, found it hard to breathe and would start coughing up stuff. It turns out I was told bad advice by a personal trainer - to "tighten my abs when I run". It took only two sessions with David to get results; he taught me how to breathe properly utilizing my diaphragm both at rest and when running, and showed me stretches and strengtheners for the chest, ribcage and lungs. Thanks to him I now breathe freely when I run, I feel more relaxed, and all my record times have now been beaten!"
Mandy Esch
Edson, Alberta, Canada
"David’s approach to breathing is refreshingly unique and accessible. Unlike traditional yoga pranayama that seeks to control or direct the breath, David takes breathing that has been shaped by our contemporary stressful lifestyles and postural misalignments and provides teachers and students with tools to help create a free and flow-full breath. I have been privileged to work with David in many classes and workshops. I have been able to personally integrate his teachings to help me more easily calm my body and mind. Beyond the personal benefits I regularly integrate his teachings into my yoga therapy programming to help students with everything from chronic pain, pelvic health, to cancer. If you are a yoga teacher, a student, a singer, if you deal with anxiety or asthma, if you have pelvic health issues, or really if you just have a curiosity to move better David’s work is a necessity to help you better access freedom in your breathing."
Sarah Garden Co-Owner, Bodhi Tree Yoga
Regina Saskatchewan, Canada
“David makes you go away feeling better about music, the world, and yourself.”
Lori, Martini Recorder Quintet
Edmonton, AB Canada


Downloadable "The Wilson Method" PDFs, and MP3s, as well as Therapy Balls, and Book/DVD Set!!!









TWM Fourteen Discoveries:



OUR BODIES EMPLOY A HIGHLY SPECIFIC REFLEXIVE PHYSICAL REACTION TO STRESS. Our choices regarding what is stressful causes two ripple effects - our mind spontaneously attempts to protect us, creating what we call "anxiety", and our body spontaneously attempts to protect us, creating what we call "muscle tension". Whenever we go through ANYTHING we don't like, we (unconsciously) tighten the upper half of our rectus abdominis (RA, six-pack) muscle in a well-meaning attempt to physically stabilize and mentally bolster ourselves in order to deal with the stressful situation. Fair enough - when we are actually under attack. This "armouring up" would not be an issue, if not for the fact that many people tend to feel as if they are always under attack, even though the incident may be months or years in the past. Over time, this subtle gripping of the RA muscle spreads thoughout the body and can have a monumental physical, mental, emotional and energetic impact on our health. I have coined this physical armouring the "Unconscious Chronic Valsalva Maneuver". It is a world-wide phenomenon.



THE UNCONSCIOUS CHRONIC VALSALVA MANEUVER (UCVM) IS TODAY'S GREATEST NON-ENVIRONMENTAL THREAT TO OUR PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND ARTISTIC HEALTH. The UCVM is our physiological manifestation of the brain's Stress Response. Through our communications network of connective tissue (fascia), the sympathetic nervous system (associated with adrenaline and the fear response) leaps into action generating a protective muscular shield that surrounds and armours our entire torso. It is created through a hyper-tonicization (clenching) of the upper half of the rectus abdominis muscle - it's negative effects on our health are numerous, as the UCVM effectively inhibits diaphragm mobility and tonicity, constraining the proper function of many or all of our internal structures, specifically the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems. The UCVM also causes a decrease in the amount of stimulation the vagus nerve (our lightswitch for our relaxation response) receives. This lack of diaphragm function creates symptoms that present as asthma or acid reflux, causes numerous vocal problems, decreases core strength, increases physical pain, can cause acid reflux, creates feelings of anxiety, heightens emotional trauma, and suppresses the immune system.



MOST PEOPLE ARE BREATHING IN AN UNHEALTHY MANNER. Most of the general public is, a) holding their collective breath, b) not using their diaphragms to breathe, and c) inhaling and exhaling too fast and too shallow. We are therefore living in Sympathetic Nervous System mode. Your diaphragm is your internal masseuse for your lungs, stomach, liver digestive tract, and most importantly your vagus nerve. When, due to the UCVM, the diaphragm isn't able to descend and ascend properly, acid reflux, indigestion and asthma may often appear. Further, as the diaphragm is rendered unusable the only place left to breathe is high, overusing the ribcage to gulp in air (known as costal breathing) which then triggers the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Faint (sympathetic) nervous system stress response: A vicious circle if there ever was one. The Wilson Method, because it increases diaphragm tonicity while manipulating the para-sympathetic nervous system, has been shown to have a positive effect on energy levels, along with overall physical, mental, vocal and emotional health.



THE "SURRENDER SIGH": HOW TO LET GO AND LET BE. The surrender sigh is our #1 best healing tool available to us. And it’s free... with no harmful side effects. The Surrender Sigh reduces pain, releases physical tension, dissipates the effects of asthma and anxiety, and strengthens our Core. It is the parasympathetic nervous system that should return the body to a calm baseline. The surrender sigh stimulates the vagus nerve, increasing relaxation chemicals (GABA levels) in key areas which raise parasympathetic nervous system tone and lowering sympathetic nervous system activity. Therefore the surrender sigh offers the nervous system permission to give the body (muscles/fascia) permission to LET GO. With practice the Surrender Sigh functions as a built-in trigger release out of asthma, anxiety and pain. We learn to manipulate our breathing and therefore nervous system in order to improve our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. As a method to counter the mental, emotional and physical effects of the UCVM, we can employ our mind-body-respiratory connection to help ourselves switch out of the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Faint (sympathetic) nervous system and drop into the Rest/Relax/Renew/Repair (para-sympathetic) nervous system (PSNS). The surrender sigh is at the basis (along with physical therapy, movement re-education, core work, restorative yoga, vocal entrainment and meditation) of TWM's highly successful work with those facing challenges of anxiety, panic attacks, asthma, GERD (acid reflux), COPD and vocal pathology.



RETURNING TO NATURAL BREATHING PRACTICES IS KEY TO LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE. We are breathing poorly: We let our reactions to the rigors of life adversely affect our respiratory system. It is subtle and slow, which is why it is not being noticed much less diagnosed by the allopathic Western Medical System. Research has shown that yoga, meditation and lowering your breath cycles per minute have massive beneficial effects on many clinical conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders, asthma and post-traumatic stress. This suggests that normalizing the underlying autonomic nervous system imbalance, through reversing it's physiological response on the body (UCVM) can improve symptoms and bolster resilience. In other words, returning to healthy, natural breathing patterns sends an uptake message to the brain, suggesting we are, even for a moment, safe. Muscles and fascia relax, which in turn reduces swelling, which lowers hypertension, inflammation and therefore phlegm production; we have more energy and less pain. There are hundreds of methods that work with the breath. Most of them are manipulating the breath in a manner that goes against what is NATURAL.  The best methods out there are those that aim to return to the respiratory patterns of our youth, before we decided life was hard, and those which reverse the habits forced on us by the rigors of life. The Wilson Method is a leader in this area.



CORE WORK DOESN'T HAVE TO BE WORK. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about what Core is, how it functions, and how to make it stronger.  These misunderstandings are taking place in gyms, voice studios, pilates, yoga classes, and even in physiotherapy offices. Many are confusing the UCVM with a "Strong Core." The UCVM does not increase Core strength; in fact, this action SHUTS OFF THE CORE. In most cases, unless we are high-level athletes or stage performers, we don't need to make the core stronger, we need to make it more effective - there is far too much straining and tightening disguised as "core work".  The key is this: The sixpack, or rectus abdominis, is NOT CORE. When we stop over-exerting/over-tonicizing our (external) rectus abdominis and external obliques (UCVM) our Deep Core (Pelvic Floor, Transverse Abdominis, Quadratus Lumborum, Psoas, Diaphragm and Multifidus) ENGAGES ON IT'S OWN. Therefore, by unwinding surface tension we have access to greater core strength that has been there all along. The Wilson Method is in the process of revolutionizing the way we move, live, and exercise. 



THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A VOCAL PROBLEM. Vocal pathology is symptomatic of issues elsewhere. Virtually ALL vocal problems are related to physical tension, postural issues, lack of diaphragm tonicity, unhealthy respiratory habits, doubt, fear or lack of permission. Therefore another (and usually more efficient and long-lasting) direction is working with the respiratory system, diaphragm, posture, fascia, movement patterns and thought processes first, and the larynx last. The vocal mechanism does what the brain tells it to - the vocal mechanism reacts much more readily to the unconscious and subconscious brains than it does to the frontal lobes. So what messages are we sending to our voice? Often, the messages are "can't", "shouldn't" and "won't". Many issues of anxiety, doubt and lack of internal permission (that all come hand-in-hand with the UCVM) are diagnosed as vocal, skill-level or capacity issues; budding singers are cast aside. Unfortunately, it is not a simple matter to notice a lack of core efficacy and diaphragm tonicity in students. Multidisciplinary training for teachers is a key to helping singers take control of the systemic issues mentioned above. Respiratory therapy, kinesiology, core awareness work, restorative yoga, myo-fascial work and functional physiology are all helpful towards changing these unhealthy patterns. The Wilson Method is in the process of attempting to revolutionize professional singing lessons, speech therapy and vocololgy.



ALL CHALLENGES FACED IN LIFE AND IN THE CREATIVE ARTS CAN BE DISTILLED DOWN TO A LACK OF FLOW. Muscular tension, fascial rigidity and inflammation slows us down, creating extra physical efforting, draining our energy, weakening our immune systems and truncating our respiratory flow. Lack of permission, self-effacing thoughts and lack of space for choice creates a lack of mental flow. Doubt regarding our skill and talent creates a lack of vocal flow. Therefore the rigors of life tend to separate these three components, keeping the body, breath and voice from working together as a unit - we become fractured and unhappy and feel something is missing. The Wilson Method is anti-numbing, anti UCVM work, reminding you how to live in your body, in the moment, and how to develop listening skills in relation to our thoughts and feelings. For performing artists, this includes cultivating a deeper connection with text and the emotional states of our characters.



THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "IT'S JUST YOUR IMAGINATION". Imagination is the gateway to the subconscious, and therefore the gateway to our unlimited potential. We often note that young actors and singers seem to be lacking objectives and tactics in their work, or are not "connecting with the text - this is usually not their issue. What we are noticing is a symptom, not a cause. The cause may be that they are in their thinking/stress brain instead their imagination sand-box-playing brain. The UCVM, because it goes hand-in-hand with living in the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Faint nervous system, takes us out of our imaginations; after all, there is no room for artistic endeavours when we are fleeing for our lives, either externally or internally. Therefore bringing them out of "work" and into "play" is an important first step in getting students to the point to where they feel safe enough INSIDE to surrender to their text, their character, their art, and their joy. Training young actors and singers to stop thinking about the wrong things and to start thinking "within character" - that is, to get out of their heads and into their imaginations; to "drop in"... to be "in it" is our goal. The Wilson Method, combining vocal entrainment, breath therapy, movement re-education, restorative yoga, meditation and awareness work, has created a physically-based, wholistic and efficient system to help in this regard. 



YOUR PHYSICAL CORE IS YOUR CONFIDENCE CORE. The Wilson Method therapeutic system is unique because it is teaching you how to do the work yourself - you are learning how to empower your SELF. The more ease-based strength you feel rising from your deep core, the better your posture will be, the more free and confident you feel, the more emotionally stable you will be, the stronger your voice will be, and therefore, the more empowered you will be. The Wilson Method shows you how to re-connect your body, breath and voice back together so that you get out of your head and FIND FLOW. You then learn how to do find this feeling yourself, increasing your energy and expanding your self-awareness, which in turn leads to true personal empowerment - because YOU did it. People will hear you more, listen to you more, trust you more. You will shine brighter.



PERFORMING ARTISTS DO NOT GENERALLY RESPOND TO TALK THERAPY IN THE SAME MANNER AS THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Often, body-centered therapies are showing better results. Your body, your breath, your voice and your imagination are your four main components of creativity. The rigors of life and basic schooling tends to diminish the powers of these creative components in favour of front brain activity, such as right/wrong critical thinking. Over-thinking often leads to personal judgement, self-doubt, lack of space for choice, fear of standing out from the crowd, and a pervasive and systematic lack of permission - all of which curtails creativity. The Wilson Method works to reintegrate our four components of creativity, improving energy, focus, confidence, vocal resonance and health.




OUR SOCIETY CONFUSES POWER WITH FORCE, AND SURRENDER WITH WEAKNESS. More than just a trite saying, this issue is key to many of the challenges we face while learning how to sing. In an effort to find easeful power we are often pushing, straining and forcing. In an effort to find a "natural sound" we practice release work without a balance of energy and intention, thereby pulling off and out of our power. Often we feel like we have energy, but it is sitting atop a layer of anxiety. We feel relaxed, but it is based on an underlying reality of exhaustion. Our goal is power and energy in tandem with a sense of relaxation and ease. You can't talk someone into this, it has to be felt. The Wilson Method has created a path to living in a place of both power and ease.



OUR BRAINS MAKE MORE OF THINGS THAN WHAT THEY ARE, OR LESS OF THINGS THAN WHAT THEY ARE: NEITHER (NECESSARILY) HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE TRUTH. We either push trauma down and ignore it, or, we wear our trauma proudly like a banner ("victimhood chic") as if it gives us nobility and status. Neither method works. We all suffer from PSD. Some from PTSD. And sometimes, whether a thing is PSD or PTSD is up to us. There is no trauma, no matter how horrific, that does not allow us "space for choice". It may not feel like it, we may not want it, it may take time, but nevertheless, space for choice is there - Anne Frank and many others have taught us this. Eventually, we begin to extricate ourselves from our ego brains attempting to protect us, and see an occurrence for just what it is, and was - an occurrence. The Surrender Sigh (#4) can help us remember and reconnect with our Space for Choice... which is what the UCVM makes us think we don't have. There is light out there.



INHERENT IN OUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM IS ACCESS TO BOTH UNLIMITED PERSONAL POWER, AND FEELINGS OF COMPLETE AND UTTER SAFETY. Holding our breath takes us out of FLOW. The more ease-based powerful your inhalation becomes and the more surrender-like your exhalation becomes, the more in flow YOU become. As the ancient Yin-Yang symbol tells us, ease lives within power, power lives within ease. Masculine lives within feminine, feminine lives within masculine. Water lives within fire, fire lives within water, light within darkness, darkness within light. The Wilson Method, by reminding us that power leads to surrender and that surrender leads to power, can help you find your Voice, your Power, your Ease, and your Light.