THE WILSON METHOD                                      

David offers one-hour Professional Singing Lessons (Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop) at his home studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Focus is on finding your resonant, natural, powerful, free voice.

David's vocal lessons and workshops are unlike any other. You will learn his groundbreaking discoveries on the effects life-based physical tensions have on vocal production, the support system (appoggio) and your respiratory system. His innovative and revolutionary process reverses these tensions, uncovering a more free, powerful, resonant voice than many ever thought possible. The integration of Bel Canto singing techniques, restorative yoga, movement entrainment, functional core support system work and breath therapy make his workshops an unforgettable experience. The Wilson Method for Voice is for all singers, from beginner to professional.


We are all born singers. Societal conditioning says otherwise. Therefore there is no such thing as a vocal problem - vocal pathology is symptomatic of issues elsewhere. Virtually all vocal problems are related to physical tension, postural issues, respiratory distress, doubt, fear and lack of permission. Therefore we should be looking to the respiratory system, diaphragm, posture, fascia and thought processes first, and the larynx last. The Wilson Method is in the process of revolutionizing the art of teaching singing.

Choral singers, soloists and actors alike will find they have greater range, more power, greater ease, improved resonance, and a increased sense of joy in their singing that will surprise vocalists of all levels.
What is often diagnosed as lack of skill or technique in singers and actors is actually a student not being connected to their body, or lacking in confidence - they don't have permission from inside. So picking on surface details too early in the process is rarely helpful, and often damaging. Power, permission, safety, ease and flow first - then when the student feels TRULY safe to express, the details will then be much more easily learned and absorbed. Nuance comes with the confidence that only repetition brings.

There is too much efforting going on in singing and in singing lessons. Singing should feel easy - like the song is being pulled out of you... like you have no choice but to pour forth your ease of expression. This process is only work if we make it so.


Singing is much easier and more rewarding than it often feels. Stop trying to fit in or trying not to stick out. Stop holding back, give yourself permission to let go, and singing turns into a joyful imperative.


We are all holding our breath and tightening our sixpacks to deal with the rigors of life. These actions affect our voice and ability to express. Fix these issues, and we find the Big Voice was always there, just waiting to be unleashed.



Appointment times are from 9:00am - 5:00pm MST, weekdays.
Skype Lessons are also available, as are workshops and teacher-training seminars in The Wilson Method for Voice.



“David Wilson's work is unlike anything I have yet encountered. As singers, we spend so much time working on the vocal mechanism, that we often forget the integral role the body plays in healthy vocal production. David's approach is a full-body approach. This angle, especially when applied to the breath, completely changes the world in which you create your sound. Suddenly you are no longer attempting to put your voice in a box, so you are able to finally produce the sounds that you aspire to. The yoga is fantastic, the breath work is freeing, the voice is powerful, and the result wonderful. His work is helpful for singers at every level, regardless of age or experience. David's method for teaching voice allows you to free the artist within, releasing your true voice and your true expression.”

Chris Enns
Winnipeg, Manitoba


“Having been a singer for many years, I had never done any form of yoga before taking David Wilson's class at Opera Nuova 2007. During his class I was able to access my breath capacity which has had an enormous positive affect on my overall sound. I also found that the way Mr. Wilson integrates vocal technique, breath, and body enables each part to be completely warmed up by the end of class. This meant that I could easily sing at 9:30 a.m. after one of his classes. It was amazing!”

Kelly Coubrough
Garibaldi Highlands, BC


“I believe David Wilson to be one of the most influential breath, body and voice pedagogues in our country. Having studied throughout North America and Europe, I have never come across anyone as dynamic in both wisdom and skill. His approachable and warm personality paired with his extensive knowledge lends itself to every singer from beginner to professional. He has a contagious passion for unlocking your greatest potential and does so with vibrant enthusiasm. If you are able to have a session with this man I guarantee it will change you from the inside out no matter what your goals may be.”

Michelle Minke
Cowtown Opera: Artistic Director. Opera Singer,
Voice Teacher Dip. Mus.,
B.Mus, PG Dip.Opera,
M.Mus.Vocal Ped.

"After working with David for only a few months I was able to tap into more power, vocal stamina and control than I had ever been able to access in the past; I discovered that the old way of doing things is not always the best. David’s professionalism along with his Wilson Method techniques helped me access my full vocal potential without struggle or straining. He is deeply committed to all of his students and helping them be the best they can be. David helped me access a wider vocal range in my chest voice. belt, and most importantly, he helped me to find the full power of my own voice. Most people only sing with a fraction of their voice - thank you David, for the privilege of being your student."

Pauline Lee                                                                                                        Singer, Actress, Screenwriter, Edmonton, AB Canada


“I have spent years working on all aspects of my vocal technique, and there certainly have been “aha!” moments dealing with placement, resonance, passaggio, etc. However, it was David's in-depth and informed approach to breath control that was an epiphany for me. He opened my eyes to what I have or have not been using; from the clenched rectus abdominis that we erroneously think we should use—and that inhibits our true potential—to the realization of exactly where our lungs are located and how little we often use them. One hour concentrating just on breathing and its connection to my voice was a revelation; I highly recommend his work.”

Edith Pritchard
Mus.Dip, PPRNCM, MMus. Calgary 2012 Cultural Ambassador


“David Wilson helped me find a very natural air movement in my singing that gave both incredible freedom and incredible power to my voice that I had never before experienced.”

Kristin Hoff, soprano
Montréal, Quebec


“Working with David enabled me to get past some persistent physical blocks that were inhibiting my sound. By opening up my breathing I was able to reach a level of relaxation that has given me more confidence and enjoyment when I sing.”

Neil Reimer, baritone
Victoria, British Columbia