THE WILSON METHOD                                      



The Wilson Method For Voice has had overwhelming success for those suffering from hoarseness, vocal fatigue, spasmodic dysphonia, tremors and vocal fold lesions such as polyps, nodules or cysts. It is also helpful for those who are prone to stuttering or stammering.

For many years, Vocal Therapy has been primarily concerned with the larynx - utilizing speech therapy, some lifestyle changes and a modicum of breathwork.

David Wilson's work, including Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy (BBVIT - a subsection of The Wilson Method) is looking to develop this traditional approach toward a more wholistic understanding of the full body/mind connections' effects on the human voice.

BBVIT states that vocal issues have nothing to do with the larynx. The pathology shows in the larynx - that is not where the base cause is to be found.

David Wilson has discovered that most everyone who suffers from vocal pathology is, and have been for an extended period of time, engaging the Unconscious Valsalva Maneuver (UVM). In turn, the facial connection that runs from the upper rectus abdominis muscle up through and around the pectorals and into the neck/throat/jaw/larynx is responsible for 99% of all vocal issues. David has therefore had unprecedented success through the unwinding of the hypertonisized surface abdominal muscles, as well as movement re-education, vocal entrainment work and most importantly, a very specific form of breath therapy.


What is Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy?

Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy (BBVIT) is built on the premise that the manner in which many of us live our lives, or the way we perceive our lives to be, can (through the brain/nervous system connection) lead to constrictions in our muscles, breathing patterns, and voice. This is turn causes a disconnect between our core support construct, our respiratory system, and our vocal structure. BBVIT incorporates restorative yoga, breath therapy, cognitive behavioral elements, meditation, vocal entrainment, movement re-education, and cellular-memory work. Self-awareness practices and sensory integration leads to recognition of one's unhealthy or unwanted patterns. By re-awakening and re-integrating our Three Elemental & Creative Components (body, breath, voice), compulsive physiological patterns begin to drop away. This allows healthier, more natural patterns of moving, breathing and vocal expression to assert themselves.


How does Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy actually work?

Disrupting sub-optimal breathing patterns and derailing learned physical tension templates means a fuller, stronger, healthy voice. Finding the ease and freedom of non-judgemental, uninhibited vocalizing equals more joy and increased energy. The mind/body/vocal knows how to work together for success - we are working to return to a increasingly natural and open state, similar to when we were young.


What can I expect in a Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy session?

David Wilson has created a specific set of exercises, both active and restorative, that target the muscles, muscle groups and fascia that are the primary cause of vocal issues. He has also developed a breath therapy module that encourages the over-worked UVM muscles and fascia to release, so that they no longer cause strain on the vocal mechanism. Wear loose and comfortable clothing, and bring water.


How many sessions will I need?

This depends on your goals and the severity of what you are dealing with. That being said, come once to see what you think; 6 or 7 sessions over an 8 - 10 week period are recommended. I give you a set of exercises specifically tailored to your needs. After practicing them on your own you will be in a different place, at which time we adjust your exercises and move forward. After the sessions you are expected to work on your own for a few months; we can then re-evaluate. It is my job to put myself out of one: A big part of this therapy that makes it unique and extremely effective is that YOU are responsible for a great deal of your own success.



“Dear David. I really wish to share just how profoundly affected I am from working with you during the 3-Day Nuova Intensive 2008. It has only been a few days since leaving Edmonton but I have been working on the techniques you gave me and I really do feel a difference, and my teacher has noticed a shift in me. I am amazed at how the breath can touch on one’s emotional state; I have now found that a way to release these emotions is through breathing techniques. I have also noticed where I hold and most importantly I have discovered why, in both singing and everyday life—thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have imparted just a tiny sampling of your wisdom and it has empowered me to continue on the journey.”

Elisa Righele
Vancouver, BC



“All I have ever wanted to do was sing. As I am over 60 years of age, and could not match pitch; I was told by one teacher to “take up knitting”. I have also been suffering from panic attacks. Together, Mr. Wilson and I discovered that I was not tone-deaf after all, but that I had learned to shut off my ears and reverse my breathing (tightening my abdominal muscles inward during inhaling) due to emotional abuse I suffered as a child. Mr. Wilson led me through a process that helped me move past these troubles, joyfully, and safely. My panic attacks are now a thing of the past, I can breath powerfully and match pitch, and recently I passed my Grade 3 Toronto Conservatory Exam.”

Calgary, Alberta, Canada